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Worker Processing Overview:

Getting your approved petition is only HALF the process.

After your petition for H-2 workers has been approved we help you and your workers through the US Consulate process and finally, send you an employer’s packet to begin assembling your workers personnel files and aide in worksite compliance.

Steps to Processing:
  1. Register your petition for appointment.
  2. Schedule your workers Consulate appointment.
    • We contact you and your workers regarding appointment date and time
    • We contact your workers with information they will need to provide at their appointment
  3. Assist workers in document completion.
  4. Escort workers to Consulate appointment.
  5. Pick up worker visas, verify data and present them to each worker.
  6. Escort workers to departure location.
  7. Send you workers via pre-arranged transportation to worksite.
  8. Email to you various reports and forms - governmental forms for proofing, dating, signing and keeping in personnel files.
    • I-9 Employment Verification
    • W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certification
    • SS-5 Application for a Social Security Card (for any worker that does already have a Social Security Number)
    • Workers Process Report (so you know who was approved or denied)
    • Worker Profile, with personal data for your records.
    • Procedure for reporting worker departure and/or termination from employment prior to visa expiration.
    • Letter for your worker to sign regarding obligations of departure and notification on early separation.
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